Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The facade was lost on me...

I went to see the tour production of Jekyll and Hyde recently and left the theatre feeling rather flat. The timeless tale about the Doctor who conducts an experiment on himself and unleashes a darker side is there. However a big part of me thinks the Marti Pellow was stunt cast and so many other musical theatre actors could have played the character more believably.

The only noticeable difference of appearance between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was the style of hair, and apart from the occasional grunt their personalities were very similar. This made it hard to think of them as different parts of one man.

The musical numbers were done very well, and I'm all for audience participation, but the people of Glasgow we're going crazy for Marti every time he sang and this personally ruined the mood and theme of the musical for me.

The ensemble impressed me and the set was really well done but it was the lighting that stood out most. There were 2 spotlights on Marti at all times to represent the two personalities which was the main visual I used throughout the performance.

Overall this musical definitely has the creepy factor, although I am in no rush to see it again.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Distance is no friend of mine

I am in a pit of theatre depression today. There's so much going on south of the border and I can't attend because I live in "sunny" Scotland, and national express have decided to increase their train prices - don't they know who they are dealing with?.

Today marks Alex Gaumonds last 2 performances as Emmett Forrest in Legally blonde. I think i'm in the minority when I say that Emmett wasn't one of my favourite characters from the musical, but Alex played the part perfectly and going by the tweets in my timeline, he will be sorely missed. Lee Mead is to take over from Alex, and after not being impressed with his take on Fiyero in Wicked, i'm slightly nervous to see what he will do with this role.

The yearly London showcase event, west end live ( is also this weekend. This event gives the west end a chance to show the public what it has to offer, showing performances from over 20 top productions. I'm extremely disappointed that I can't go this year and will be making it my mission to attend next year.

Being jealous of every ones excitement for one or both of these events I have decided to book last minute tickets to see Jekyll and Hyde tonight. Having never seen the show before I am looking forward to the element of surprise and getting my theatre fix at the same time.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Legally and London in 24 hours

It’s the morning after my 24 hour stint in London and it was so fast I am sitting at my desk in work wondering if it really happened. After seeing Legally blonde the musical for my birthday back in February, I have spent the past 3 months frantically finding a space in the holiday calender at work to return. Unfortunately there were only 2 spare days I could take and rather than cutting my losses like a sane person, I decided I would travel 5 and a half hours to my favourite city for one night… And it was so worth it!

I love everything about London. I love the hussle and bussle, the polar attitudes of Londoners -where they can be the coldest people you ever meet if they are rushing for the tube, to the most friendliest locals if you meet them in a bar - . What I love most about London though, is the west end, and that was the sole purpose of my trip.

 Legally blonde was a musical that I had no rush to see, I had heard really good reports, but for some reason I didn’t have the urge to book. When I finally got round to seeing it I was hooked. And seeing it for the second time was even more brilliant than the first. I unfortunately did not get to see Sheridan Smith in the roll, but Susan Mcfadden wowed me in every way. She portrays Elle perfectly and her voice is incredible. The soundtrack is so catchy and if you don’t know the songs before you go, you will certainly know them when you leave.

The whole cast have every single movement and facial expression down to a tee and never fail to be anything but professional. This combined with the epic sets and colour explosion of pink in the costumes, makes this musical a recipe for success and will guarantee to leave you in the best mood when you leave. *snaps*

Anthems the tour

I have literally just come home from Edinburgh, sat down my suitcase and turned on my macbook as I have to vent my excitement, elation and sheer admiration for the performance I witnessed last night. Anthems the concert starring Kerry Ellis and Brian May can only be described as a breath of fresh air from the run of the mill music that seems to be dominating the charts in recent times. The humble set and exposed band leave nothing to the imagination, it’s pure talent that would blow away any person of any age.

At first I wasn’t sure how Kerry and Brian would be as a duo, what with seemingly different backgrounds, one being a rock star and the other a west end sensation - I could not have been more wrong- The two compliment each other perfectly.

Kerry’s voice is phenomenal, every note is perfect and her performances are so believable. She sang the album in it’s entirety last night and there was not one song she didn’t nail.  Personal highlights included, you have to be there, no one but you and of course defying gravity. Practically every song was met with a standing ovation, and the atmosphere was electric. 

I have never seen anyone more passionate about playing guitar than Dr Brian May, he looked so intense when playing his solos and in complete awe when not. He seemed so proud of Kerry and complimented her on numerous occasions, even proclaiming that no one but you was now Kerry’s song.

When the concert ended I was on a complete high and could not seem to come down from  it, and still haven’t if i’m honest. I went to the stage door after and Kerry could not have been more lovely. If you still have the chance to see it I would highly recommend it, it’s an experience that i’m glad I had and will never leave me.