Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The facade was lost on me...

I went to see the tour production of Jekyll and Hyde recently and left the theatre feeling rather flat. The timeless tale about the Doctor who conducts an experiment on himself and unleashes a darker side is there. However a big part of me thinks the Marti Pellow was stunt cast and so many other musical theatre actors could have played the character more believably.

The only noticeable difference of appearance between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was the style of hair, and apart from the occasional grunt their personalities were very similar. This made it hard to think of them as different parts of one man.

The musical numbers were done very well, and I'm all for audience participation, but the people of Glasgow we're going crazy for Marti every time he sang and this personally ruined the mood and theme of the musical for me.

The ensemble impressed me and the set was really well done but it was the lighting that stood out most. There were 2 spotlights on Marti at all times to represent the two personalities which was the main visual I used throughout the performance.

Overall this musical definitely has the creepy factor, although I am in no rush to see it again.


JoDeEnglish said...

ah! i'm so sorry you saw such an obviously bad production as this can be one of the greatest musicals with the right cast! xxx

Siobhan said...

awww really? I just really didn't enjoy it. If it tours again I shall book up to see another production. xx