Wednesday, 1 February 2012

2 sides to every story!

You can always count on twitter for some controversy, and the past few days have been no different. I was really sad to hear that one of my favourite musicals - Legally blonde will be saying goodbye to the West End in just 8 short weeks. Now instead of people sharing what they loved about this amazing show, it was pistols at dawn when they began to debate who should be playing the role of 'Brooke Wyndham' until the closure.

The issue started because original Brooke, Aoife Mulholland wanted to return -as planed- from maternity leave and finish the run in the role she made her own. Meaning Tamara Wall would have to retire from the same role she had loved and played for over a year.

Now I can see it from both sides. It must be so devastating for Tamara to have to give up playing a part she loves and watch someone else close the show. However it seems Aoife always intended to return and should have the same rights as every other mother.

To me the dignified thing to do is to support both girls by giving Tamara the send off she deserves whilst welcoming Aoife back with open arms.