Saturday, 7 July 2012

Album Review - Scott Alan, Live

When  I heard Scott Alan was releasing a new album, I knew instantly it was going to be genius. And that's exactly what 'Live' is, 25 tracks of complete brilliance. 

The CD was recorded live from Scott's most recent Birdland concert, and features performances from a host of West End actors and recording artists. As well as the winner of the 'I'm a star' contest Alexander Sage Oyen. 

Each and every track from the album is filled with so much emotion and gives the audience a chance to connect with Alan as we get a glimpse into his inner thoughts and feelings. 

His style of writing is simply beautiful and the lyrics easily lend themselves to others lives. This is definitely the must have album for all fans of theatre. That being said this roller coaster journey of what life can throw at you should be experienced by everyone. 

My favourite track on the album is Never Neverland sung by - my favourite West End Lady - Kerry Ellis. I also love Blessing featuring RJ Helton and I'm a star featuring Natalie Weiss. Basically all the tracks are amazing and could not recommend more that you purchase this album. You can buy the album from Dress Circle here and it is also available for download. 


Kimmy said...

wow!! Can't believe I didn;t know about this... off to download right now! Thanks xx

Pa Ul said...

His album is great. Me, I just watch this film and here is my scoop about Men in Black 3.

Lauren said...

definitely need to add this to my collection.