Thursday, 14 June 2012

Social Media Call - Macbeth

I was very fortunate enough to attend the social media call for the National Theatre of Scotland's most recent show Macbeth.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with social media calls,  it's basically a chance for bloggers and tweeters etc to come along and preview some scenes from the show. There are photo and video opportunities and some time for cast interviews. 

I arrived at the theatre just on time - and no more - after a minor train incident (why does Glasgow have a Pollockshaws East and a Pollockshields East- that's not at all confusing) and met with Eve from the NTS and the other people there for the call. We got to chat for a bit which was great, I always love meeting people with the same passions as me and listening to the projects they're involved with.

First on the agenda was a run through of two scenes from the show, we were encouraged to film, take pictures and update our twitters the entire way through. For this part of the day we were joined by the big bad press. This was a little intimidating, comparing their massive cameras to my tiny iphone, but after the first scene I was over that and ended up ducking and diving through tripods to get my shots.

Here are a few teaser shots of the set:

After the scene run-through we were given the opportunity to speak with some of the creative minds behind Macbeth, including the set designer and the star of the show himself Alan Cumming. Everyone we spoke with provided an in-depth insight into how the production came to be with so much pride and enthusiasm.

I am lucky enough to be seeing the show tomorrow with the other NTS Champions, so a full review with my thoughts on the show along with some interview footage and snaps will be up in the next few days. 

I think social media calls are a fabulous idea and if you can, I would try and get involved with the next one. It's a unique experience that leaves you feeling totally inspired. 

Book tickets by calling the box office - 0845 330 3501


Fiona Edmiston said...

Looking forward to your review. Really curious about what the show will be like.

Jaclyn said...

That sounds like a really exciting experience. How does one get involved in something like that?

Siobhan said...

I can't wait to see it in full swing!! from the snippet I got it looks awesome!!

Siobhan said...

It really was such a fab experience. I heard about it through our national theatre up here. I'm not sure if it's done anywhere else but well worth looking in to. Or if you fancy a road trip to Scotland i'm sure they would love to have you :)

Jaclyn said...

I wonder if the National Theatre of Wales does one. Going to Scotland would be fab, never been, but it's a bit far. It's an 8hr train journey, I think.