Monday, 4 June 2012

Lift The Musical - The Album

'LIFT is about people and connections. The connections we have without knowing about them, the connections we lose sight of and the connections we don't mean to have.' - source

Every so often a musical comes along and you just can't seem to shift that 'wanting to know more' feeling. For me this musical is Lift, having followed Lift's progress since 2008, where I saw song snippets at the Edinburgh Fringe. I was incredibly excited to find out that the album was being released- and it did not disappoint!

Written by Craig Adams and Ian Watson, Lift tells the story of Eight complete strangers who get in to the lift at Covent Garden tube station, and if only they would stop and notice they would see that they are all connected, and that connection could be life altering.

This twelve track album is full of raw emotion and unadulterated honesty. The lyrics are the most accurate representation of modern day relationships and there will be at least one line in each song that  you are able to relate to. This album expresses the feelings and emotions that people spend lifetimes trying to repress.

My personal favourites from the soundtrack are 'Lost in Translations', 'She Meets Him/ One Minute in a Lift' and 'It's Been a Year'. For the full track list and to hear a short clip of each song click here . In the mean time i'll leave you with the amazing vocals of Jennifer Tierney -

* Full review of Lift can be found here


Jaclyn said...

Thanks for the introduction to this musical. I'd never heard of it before. It sounds good :) love hearing about new, original musicals. We need more.

Is that the same Ian Watson who writes a blog on

Siobhan said...

Same, i love hearing about fresh productions that aren't as well known. Yeah it's one in the same :) have you been using stage status a lot? I opened an account but haven't got into it as much yet.

Jaclyn said...

No, I haven't used it much. It still seems to be finding it's feet. Think people aren't really sure how to use it yet... I know I'm not. I use it to promote my blog mainly, then feel bad that that's all I'm using it for :s lol.

I also did a poll on there about going to the theatre alone, which was actually really useful to me.

Will look you up on there next time I sign in :)