Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Fringe Edition #1

It's August, and for me that means only one thing... The Edinburgh Fringe. For those who don't know, the Fringe is a month long festival showcasing all things culture. You can expect theatre, comedy, street performers and a generally crazy atmosphere. I had my first visit of the month this week and it was so much fun.

If you've never been to the Fringe before it can seem quite overwhelming with the amount of shows on offer. What I normally do is thumb through the brochure (or the swanky new app) and pick out shows that I definitely want to see, then book these in advance to avoid disappointment. With my free time in between shows I love taking a stroll along the Royal Mile when you can gather fliers, see little tidbits of the shows and really soak up what's going on. That being said I thought I would recommend some of my personal favourites.

 First on the list is [Title of Show], a musical comedy about two guys creating an original show for the New York Musical Festival. The cast, packed to the brim with talent, did a cracking job with the small stage of the Assembly Checkpoint. Robbie Towns and Ricky Johnston had great chemistry as budding writers Hunter and Jeff and the vocals were spot on, especially from the girls, Carly Stenson and Jamie Lee Pike. If you fancy seeing an original and witty one-act piece this could be the show for you.  Tickets can be found here.

The next show, 'A Pile of Wit', is an improv comedy.  This was a first for me and I wasn't sure what to expect, but was sold when the guy handing me the flier asked if I wanted this 'free piece of paper'.  When you're being handed literally hundreds of fliers it helps to be a bit different!  Although I was hesitant I ended up really enjoying it. An audience member was picked to answer a few questions which formed the basis of the show - this is  a really smart concept as it means each performance is unique and fresh. The guys looked like they were having a ball and I even ended up on stage trying to resuscitate Melvin the mule - don't ask! This show is great for some light-hearted fun and I would definitely recommend checking them out. Details here.

My last stop was to see Caroline Rhea do some stand up... and she was fricken awesome! Us 90's kids will remember her as Aunt Hilda from 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' and if you thought she was funny then, you're in for a treat now. Tales of bad break-ups, cute anecdotes about her daughter and a 'This Is Your Life' style slide show is only some of what you can expect (oh and I've yet to come across another comedian that gives out free After Eights - I'm easily won over!). She comes across as the most down to earth, witty woman who I would love to sit down and put the world to rights with. This show is a must see and I'd grab your tickets here now.

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