Thursday, 21 February 2013

Glasgow Girls - Review

There are some musicals that you go to see to escape real life, then there are those that make you want to change it. The National Theatre of Scotland's latest production, Glasgow Girls is definitely the latter. Fresh from its run at the Citizens Theatre, the show is currently taking London's East End by storm. 

Written by David Greig and directed by Cora Bissett, 'Glasgow Girls' tells the story of 7 girls - Emma, Agnesa, Ewelina, Amal, Jennifer and Roza – from Drumchapel High School, who leap into action when faced with the injustice of Agnesa and her family being ripped from their home in a dawn raid. This sparks a campaign about the treatment of asylum seekers and the moral issues surrounding detention centres in Scotland. 

The impressive set made to look like high rise flats is effective and the cast is packed to the brim with talent, who all excel in the physical and emotional demands this show expects. Special mention to Myra McFadyen and Dawn Sievewright for their stand out performances as loveable Red Row resident Noreen and headstrong Glasgow teen Jennifer. 

The music - featuring original songs from Cora Bissett, Soom T, Patricia Panther and the Kielty Brothers - is a real treat. From folk music to grime there's something for everyone. 
My personal favourites are the harrowing 'Cuff You' and the upbeat 'We're at Home in Glasgow' where I grin from start to end with pride and love for my city.  

This is definitely a story that had to be told. It set out to challenge views and opinions - and that it has. This is one of the best shows I have ever seen and I would urge you to catch it before the end of the run. 

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