Thursday, 9 August 2012

Louise Dearman proves pink goes good with green!

Everyone - myself included - seems to be buzzing about the new Wicked cast change announcement. If you're not familiar with the musical Wicked then get yourself out from under that rock and check out the website here

Louise Dearman - a previous firm G(a)linda favourite - is returning to the land of Oz as my favourite musical theatre character, Elphaba. Louise jumps into the Wicked book of records as the only actress ever to play both lead parts.

When I first heard the news I couldn't make up my mind about it. I loved Louise's interpretation of G(a)linda, but the character is polar opposite to that of Elphaba, so I wasn't really sure how it would fit.

However after a short YouTube sesh looking through a lot of Louise's clips, you can tell straight away she is a chameleon and - sorry to go all Mary Poppins on you - 'practically perfect in every way'. That power house of a voice can belt out 'Defying Gravity' with ease and her stage presence is simply brilliant.

I will definitely be taking a trip down the yellow brick road to witness Miss Dearman smash yet another role.

What are your thoughts on the new cast?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the idea of Louise as Elphaba! Can't wait!!!