Monday, 6 August 2012

Glasgow at a Glance - Riverside Museum

Having just completed one of my New Year resolutions - let's gloss over the fact that it's 8 months into the year - I am now in the process of moving in to my very first apartment. That being said, my trips to London will be few and far between while I deal with being an adult and having to pay bills.

I have set myself a mini goal to try and get to know my city better. For some reason I've always had issues with Glasgow - not for any justifiable reason - we have just never bonded and I want to change that.

This new section of my blog will be known as 'Glasgow at a Glance' and will focus on everything this city has to offer.

First up - The Riverside Museum

There's an old saying 'you don't get something for nothing', but in this case you do. The Riverside Museum is an interactive and informative attraction, and the best part... it's free! 

For me, the Riverside ticks all the boxes. The open plan space allows the visitor to freely explore the exhibits and be drawn in by interest, rather then having to follow a set route. The variety of themes represented  throughout the museum are so diverse, there really is something for everyone. 

From taking a walk down cobbled streets... hearing how a visit to the cinema used to be, first hand from people who actually experienced it... a walkthrough of how transport has evolved throughout the years 

You could literally spend hours here. There's also a coffee shop with a licensed bar where you can take in the lovely view of the River Clyde . 

This has definitely been a great place for me to start and if all the other attractions in Glasgow are as good as this one then I can't wait to jump in.  

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