Friday, 18 May 2012

Champions meeting and Enquirer

On Saturday the 12th I had my first Champions meeting with Marianne from The National Theatre of Scotland, and fellow Champion Sandra. We talked plans over a glass of vino and it was really great to hear Sandra's ideas and get a grasp of what's expected this year.

After the meeting we headed up to the set of Enquirer to see the production. It was a site-specific standing piece, which was a completely new experience for me. It's strange to be so close to the cast before curtain call, especially when they're all in character - talking on phones and typing up stories.

As the piece progressed we were guided from one section of the room to another by the actors. There were 6 actors in total playing an array of characters and they were all fabulous. From emotional scenes regarding the survivors of the Dunblane tragedy to shocking truths about paying policemen for stories, all the burning questions that the public have been asking for months were being answered. And better still answered by the 43 journalists who were questioned and helped create the script.

The set was incredible, and so cleverly put together. There were newspapers stacked into bundles being used as seats, coffee cups everywhere and piles of shredded newspaper which were used to show the decline of the industry. The background music - similar to that of a news announcement - was played throughout the production which added to the suspense.

Enquirer is a unique production which leaves you with many thoughts long after it has ended. This piece is so relevant and could not have come around at a better time. The show is headed for London so be sure to keep an eye out and catch it while you can.

Marianne and I on set just before curtain call

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