Wednesday, 28 December 2011

So Sigma Gamma!


So I just wrapped up the final episode of E4's Sorority Girls and have been pleasantly surprised by how much the show has sustained my interest over the past two months. The concept is fairly simple, 5 current sorority girls from the US have been sent to the UK with one mission.... To launch it's first ever sorority- Sigma Gamma.

At first glance - in my opinion - episode one can come across very cheesy and staged which is completely different from the vibe I get in the episodes that follow. The reality is that both the British and American sisters are smart, witty and well rounded individuals.

From ridiculous challenges, to priceless reactions and hilarious commentary throughout each episode, this show has a light hearted mood with a heart felt message. 

With only 2 of my 5 favourites (Claudia, Alex, Sophie, Charlotte and Alana) making it into the final, I don't know how good I'd be at recruiting new members but I had a lot of fun playing along every week.

If you haven't watched this series I highly recommend you do. It certainly brightened up my Monday evenings and left me a teeny tiny bit jealous that sororities weren't around when I was at uni.


sunjunkie said...

aw this is cute! im glad i was a faveourite! xxxxx

Siobhan said...

Haha thanks! Yup,I was sure you'd make it to the final. xx