Thursday, 3 November 2011

So Damn Fabulous, Baby!


Sister Act the musical rocked up in Edinburgh this week and I was there opening night to see it for the first time. There's something about opening nights on tour that I love. People get so enthusiastic, which is great. I lost count of the amount of audience members I came across dressed as nuns and I've never been part of a more interactive crowd.

This production is hilarious.There was never a dull moment, from witty lines to comedic songs to the Pope rising from the orchestra pit. The music was so catchy, I had downloaded half the soundtrack by the time I had got home. I loved that it was different music to what's in the movie. There's nothing worse than seeing a show which is a complete replica of the movie or book that it was based on.

What a phenomenal cast this tour has. The only word I can use to describe Cynthia Erivo is WOW. Her portrayal of Deloris Van Cartier was nothing short of perfection. She captured the complete essence of the character. From the fame seeking, almost selfish singer in the first half, to a well rounded woman who knew what was really important in life in act 2. I did not see one person in their seat when Cynthia took her bow and she completely deserved that standing ovation.

Gavin Cornwall played bad guy Curtis Jackson so well. I was very creeped out - in the best way possible -during 'when I find my baby'. His interaction with Gavin Alex, Tyrone Huntley and Daniel Stockton showed the softer side to him.

Laurie Scarth who playes Sister Mary Patrick was superb and had the audience laughing throughout the performance, and Lucie-Mae Sumner who played the part of Sister Mary Robert for this performance portrayed the innocence of the character perfectly and what a powerful voice.

If there's only one musical tour you can see this year then it should be Sister Act. This feel good musical is guaranteed to have you laughing from start to end and leave you feeling 'Fabulous Baby'

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