Sunday, 18 May 2014

REVIEW: Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour

I'm deferring slightly from the normal topic on the blog today to have a natter about last night's visit to see the phenomenal Katy Perry at Glasgow's biggest music venue - The Hydro.

Excitement building, I made my way through the crowds of blue wigs, cat ears and glow sticks to find my level 3 seat (knowing full well when I bought the tickets it wasn't going to be the best view).  I was actually pleasantly surprised, it was by no means close to the stage but the Hydro is set out in a way that there isn't really a bad view and  is just the type of venue Glasgow needs - although they might want to look into ways on cutting down the bar queues, as waiting 10 minutes for a glass of wine ain't great!

I didn't see support act Icona Pop as I'm one of those people who have absolutely no patience so a lot of waiting around can turn me from a Jekyll to a Hyde, but the crowd seemed sufficiently hyped up so I assume they did not disappoint. After a brief DJ set the lights came down and the mother of all music concerts began. From the outset the Prismatic Tour is a treat for the senses- colourful, creative and crazy at times as Perry invites the audience into her prismatic world.

Kicking proceedings off with 'Roar', Katy covered all the songs you would expect to hear - from 'I Kissed a Girl' which she professed was an 'oldie but a goody' right up to newly released 'Birthday'. The show was split into 6 sections with Perry taking on a different persona in each, from an Egyptian princess arriving on stage via  mechanical horse to a cat elevated on a giant ball of yarn. Be prepared for the unexpected.

It's quite clear that beneath all the costumes and make up Katy is a normal, funny and genuine human being which really shone through during her acoustic set. There was a lot of opportunity to interact with the audience and her off the cuff chat was a hit.

Tridents, floating emojis and neon lycra are small parts of the unbelievably detailed staging that has gone into this tour. This is not just about the music, this is story telling and is something that I could experience again and again.

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