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Rehearsals are in full swing for Insideout's Little Shop and with just a week until show time I caught up with the lovely Mr Edward Reid. Edward made a big splash when he appeared on Britain's Got Talent with his own unique spin on the classic nursery rhyme, and has been entertaining audiences ever since. His latest endeavour sees him playing controlling dentist Orin, read on to find out how the process is going -

Tell me about your character
I play Orin the sadistic dentist who dates Audrey. He's not very nice to her.

How do you prepare for this role?
Laughing a lot. I watched YouTube clips of people falling and of cats falling off TV sets etc. We do have a fascination with people in pain. My character takes it to an extreme level though. As the song in Avenue Q explains it's Schadenfreude. I also watched old clips of Elvis.

Have you ever had an 'Orin style' dental visit? 
Oh my goodness yes. I have nearly fainted in the dentist chair. I don't believe in pain. Luckily my dentist now is amazing.

What would you do if you had a plant similar to Audrey II? 
Stay away from it and sell it to the highest bidder. Let them have the hassle of finding fresh blood.

What character in the show do you identify with the most? 
Them all in some way. I do love Seymour though. My heart goes out to him. Desperate to give love and desperate to get it.

What do you think makes this cast different? 
I have worked with most of them so I know what they are like as performers. They are amazing. I'm not sure what makes them different? I think all performers can be different if given the right direction and encouragement.

Is there a particular quote or scene that stands out as a favourite for you ?
I have deliberately not watched the film or listened to the CD as I want to experience it first hand from this amazing cast so all I know are Orin's scenes. I am really looking forward to laughing in every scene I am in. 

What's your favourite song from the show and why ? 
Again I like them all but I guess Somewhere That's Green. I remember Ellen Green sing it on Hey Mr Producer and loved her innocence and vulnerability.

What are some of the challenges in staging a piece like this? 
I am not even going to start thinking about that. That stresses me out. I'll just focus on the performance.

Thanks to Edward for taking time out to answer my questions.

Little Shop of Horrors 
1st - 10th of May 2014
Tickets are £15 
Book by calling the Cottiers box office - 0141 357 4000 
or online by clicking here

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