Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Broadway In The Bar - 29 Glasgow


Leah Macrae

Alison Rona Cleland

Steven Alexander 

Ben Fitzpatrick 

Lauren Ellis-Steele

Director - Paul Harper-Swan 

If you're looking for a taste of the Big Apple closer to home, then look no further than InsideOut Productions new venture - Broadway In The Bar.

I recently attended the launch at 29 Glasgow and what a fab event it was. Talented singers, some of the best songs from musical theatre, a gorgeous space and a complementary glass of wine- what more could you want?

The show opened with the entire cast singing the upbeat 'Fabulous Baby' from the musical Sister Act. This is a fun, feel-good song which really set the vibe for the rest of the night.

We were then introduced to the first-class cast who were all amazing in their own right and worked so well off of one another.

There was a great mix of songs from well known musicals, such as Wicked, which was represented with a medley covering 4 songs from the show. One of which was No Good Deed, performed by Lauren. I've never actually seen this song performed outwith Wicked before so it was great to see a new take on it. There was also a lot of material I wasn't overly familiar with such as 'Elaborate Lives' from the musical Aida. I love being exposed to new music and finding new shows and I think events like Broadway In The Bar are the perfect way do to that. 

A key theme throughout the evening was duets. From Steven and Ben's hilarious performance of the Avenue Q classic 'If You Were Gay' to Leah and Alison belting out 'In His Eyes' from Jekyll and Hyde, there really was something for everyone.

By the last few songs in Act 2 (Flashdance and It's Raining Men) everyone was out of their seats dancing and singing along, which really is a true testament to the cast and creatives.

The next Broadway in the Bar is at the Tron Theatre Glasgow on Sunday 7th of April. Grab your tickets here, this really is a must see show! 

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