Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Powerful Beat...

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing the final night of 'The Rhythm of Life' at the Tron - and it didn't half go out with a bang.

As the title suggests this show takes the audience through the trials and tribulations of life by cleverly using the best songs of musical theatre past and present and covering key themes such as love, career, heartbreak and happiness.

The show opens with the Chicago classic 'All That Jazz', which works really well with the intimacy of the Tron's victorian bar.

This is the first glance at the highly talented cast that all bring something a little different to the production.

Musicality winner Donna Hazelton chatted about how winning the Channel 4 show had opened doors for her to have a career in an industry she loved. She spoke of her dream of making it to Broadway, and sang 'Broadway Baby' before blowing the roof off with 'Memories' from Cats.

Leah MacRae was absolutely hilarious, her take on 'Cabaret' had the whole room laughing. She also sang 'Popular' from that oh so famous show Wicked and absolutely nailed it. I definitely think there should be room for a Scottish G(a)linda in the land of Oz.

Steven Alexander's performance of 'Glass Slipper' from Soho Cinders and 'Gethsemene' from Jesus Christ Superstar were effortless. I have seen him perform in a few cabarets now, and he never disappoints.

Joanne Mcguiness brought a fresh and upbeat vibe to the evening. Singing musical favourites, 'The Wizard And I' and 'Somebody To Love' along with a very humorous song I hadn't heard before called 'Blue Hair'.

Morgan Carberry was a double threat, she was the musical director but also performed in the show. She sang - amongst others- the very funny 'Divas Lament' from Spamalot and accompanied the other performers on the piano.

My personal hightlight was the Grease and Les Mis medleys. The great arrangements had one song flowing really well into the next, providing the audience with an element of surprise.

The standing ovation at the end was truely deserved and chat of a tour was definitely on the cards. I'd keep your eyes peeled for this show coming to a theatre near you!

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