Monday, 7 May 2012

Phone rings door chimes in comes Company

INSIDEOUT PRODUCTIONS' revival of the 1970's broadway musical 'Company' has just finished up a week long run in Cottiers theatre and has certainly made a lasting impression. I was lucky enough to go backstage for a sneak peek of the warm up and a chat with the cast.
Set in New York, Company tells the story of Robert, a commitment-phobe and his relationships with both his married -or soon to be married- friends and his many girlfriends. The show concentrates on Roberts interactions with each couple and explores his thoughts on his love interests, and ultimately what he discovers about himself.

Cottiers is a very intimate venue which was perfect for this show, which coupled with the simplistic set allowed the audience to truly focus on the story.

What struck me most about Company was the diversity of the characters. Sandy Nelson who played David hit the nail on the head when he said that it covers a lot of dynamics that exist in everybody's social circle. The cast were all in agreement that this was a very relatable musical, and Lynne Jenkinson who played Jenny wasn't wrong when she said that it leaves you thinking 'what couple am I?'.

Gregor Firth was outstanding as Robert, he was very strong vocally and engaged well with the audience.Louise McCarthy and Darren Brownlie both had a great mix of comedy and emotion.

Another fabulous aspect of this show was the music. The musical director, Morgan Carberry explained that all of the different character dynamics are reflected in the songs. The various music styles represented takes the audience along on the roller-coaster of emotions that each character experiences.

When asked what the highlight of working on Company had been, the cast all had the same answer - the people. George Rae who plays Paul advised that in an ensemble piece like Company it is really beneficial that everyone gets along, and I completely agree with Pamela Byrne who plays April when she said that she thought it showed on stage.

From speaking with director Paul Harper Swan it is clear to see he is very proud of this production, and rightly so. It is very apparent that this show deserves to have a life after this run and I hope to catch it again soon.


Anonymous said...

Very good review, I seen the show on tuesday and the cast were awesome!!!

Hazel said...

Really good review of the show and the blog gives you a feeling of what's to come, but does't reveal too much!!
Great performance the cast were brill keeping in character through out, I could have been in New York !! Definitely looking out for more like this one : )