Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Olivier Highlights - The Matildas

Ask me if i'm happy... 

The answer is no! After watching the Olivier Awards on Sunday I have been obsessing over Matilda the Musical, and it's killing me not to have a London trip booked to see it. 

Matilda scooped up 7 awards and from what I have seen quite rightly so. The 4 original Matildas - Sophia Kiely, Kerry Ingram, Eleanor Worthington Cox and Cleo Demetrio - Performed the song 'Naughty' and left the audience, and i'm pretty sure the people watching at home, absolutely speechless. 

I have never seen so much talent from girls so young. The minute after their performance I had the album downloaded. And credit to Tim Minchin- it's genius! 

The girls also picked up the award for best actress in a musical. Their thank you speeches were so well put together without sounding rehearsed. I am absolutely astounded by their talent and professionalism and can't wait to catch the show on the West End.

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