Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hi my name is Siobhan and i'm obsessed with London!

The online dictionary describes obsessions as :

"A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion"

Over the past three or so years I have wondered if my love of London, specific musical theatre stars and really, musical theatre as a whole, is simply a passionate hobby, or indeed an obsession. I mean if I broke down the above definition I can absolutely relate to all parts of it. I feel myself spending my time inbeween trips to London just waiting to be back there again and if I have nothing booked it’s like a compulsive need to remedy that.  The outcome is often - if not always -unreasonable (travelling 5 hours for one night) and the emotion attached to it is sometimes scary levels of excitement.

This is where I get confused. I am very happy with my life, my job aside. Although given the current economic climate I am grateful to be in a job that can fund said obsessions. I am surrounded by the most amazing people and have so many important relationships which I pride myself on maintaining. I have a stable home life and live in a very thriving city full of possibilities. Why is this not enough?

The internet world as a whole is a very foreign concept to most people in my life. They think twitter is “sad” and “a waste of time and energy, speaking to people you don’t know”. I have always been involved in this "www" world and love meeting new people  who have the same passions as me. So I don't know if it's just the case that people do not understand this side of me, because they do not embrace up to date social networking. Or if their worry for me is needed. 

So here lies the question. Am I obsessed? Or just passionate? 

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